Will universities change?

Can U.S. universities change, so professors focus on student learning?

Not within the next decade or two. Campus reward systems, grant funding, conferences, journal reviewing systems, doctoral programs… they all emphasize research, not teaching. Changing everything will take time.

Turn left

Are things hopeless?


From the beginning, CyberCourse was designed to work within the current system. Cyco can improve student learning, without requiring universities to change.

Cyco works through the cracks in the system. Some professors do, in fact, study learning, and try to be more professional in their teaching. Cyco helps them do that. Some professors will adopt new teaching methods, as long as it doesn’t distract them from research. Cyco helps them, too.

Universities can use Cyco for systemic change, if they can overcome their own inertia. Even if they can’t, Cyco can work course by course, from the bottom up.