The vision

Let’s talk about how we want things to be, that is, the vision. To define the vision, we’ll ask four related questions.

What would an effective skills course look like?

Learning science research lets us answer this question. We know a lot about skill learning. We need to visualize courses that implement research findings.

How would someone construct such a course?

Now that we know what courses will be like, we need to figure out how they are made. First, course authors need to learn about learning. Then they need tools to make effective courses. We need to know what those tools look like.

How do you run a Cyco course?

How do students sign up? How do instructors communicate with students? What devices can students use?

Why would someone make a Cyco?

Making a Cyco is a lot of work. Why would someone do it? Authors need both motivation and opportunity.

Let’s look at each of the questions, and how CyberCourse answers them. When we’re done, you’ll understand both the vision and how Cyco achieves it