Student engagement

Many students feel isolated when they go to college. Particularly when it comes to faculty. They won’t ask questions in class, and wouldn’t even think of going to office hours. Students who don’t engage are more likely to leave the school.

You can’t just say “go to office hours.” You have to be more active. CyberCourse can help. Cycourses are flipped. There are no lectures. Class time is for faculty helping students solve problems, one-on-one. When Kieran teaches a class, he’ll plop down next to a student, and ask, “How’s it going? What’re you working on?” Students are surprised at first, but quickly get used to the idea that a prof wants to know about their individual progress.

The Cyco feedback system is another chance for engagement. Students submit their work online and get personal feedback, like this:

Personal feedback

The grader might be the prof, or might not be. Graders get to personalize their greetings, summaries, and signatures, even adding placeholders for student names. This lets graders create a consistent personal voice in their feedback. Some are informal, like the example above. Other graders are more formal. It’s up to them.

A well-designed skills course should have high engagement. Cyco helps that happen.

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