Running courses

Out of the box, CyberCourse is not an LMS

Cyco is not a learning management system (LMS) like Moodle, at least not in the traditional sense. Moodle helps administer classes: show syllabi, collect assignments, show grades, etc. Course content – the stuff that students read – is usually outside Moodle, in a textbook. Moodle can be used to author courses, but it lacks features like pseudents.

Cyco is for authoring and delivering skills courses. Cyco has limited features for administering courses. It has the basics described on this page, but that’s all.

That’s not the full story, however. Cyco is built on Drupal, a powerful open source content management system (CMS). In a sense, Drupal is a toolkit, from which specific systems can be built.

Drupal has thousands of extensions called modules. There are Drupal modules for features found in LMS, like quizzes, grade books, etc. In fact, the ELMS distribution of Drupal is an LMS.

Cyco is not an LMS out of the box. It’s a course creation and delivery system. However, LMS features can be added to any Cyco instance, as required.

As the project develops, Cyco might add more LMS features. This is an issue for the community to discuss.

Creating classes or sections

A course is a bunch of content and exercises. A class, or section, is a group of people working through the course. Classes have instructors, graders, and students.

Authors or administrators create classes:

Creating a class

An instructor is given ownership of the class.

Many classes can use the same course, and not interfere with each other. The classes can be from the same university, or different universities.

Managing students

Usually, students create accounts on their own. They can see a list of available classes, and request to be added. The instructor approves or denies the request.

Other workflows are possible. For example, universities could create accounts for students, and assign them to classes.

At any time, instructors can add and remove students from classes they control. Instructors also can assign graders to their classes.

Class announcements

Instructors can create class announcements. They attach announcements to their classes, in any combination. For example, one announcement could be for class A only, while another is for classes A and B.

What devices can students use?

Cyco is responsive. It works on desktop PCs, Macs, laptops, tablets, smart phones, and camel-embedded browsers.