Private-sector training

For skills training, there are two main options:

  • Fully online courses, many of which are just narrated PowerPoints. No exercises, no formative feedback.
  • Face-to-face training. It works, but it’s expensive.

CyberCourse offers a middle way, with the cost advantages of online, and the effectiveness of face-to-face. Suppose a training company offered a course in financial analysis. A client firm’s employees take the course in their offices. No travel, less disruption. Employees get expert help through Web conferencing technology like WebEx.

Employees complete exercises. Their work is graded individually by humans. Detailed feedback is available to the employees, and their managers. There’s evidence that the employees are learning skills.

For training companies, Cyco variable costs are for feedback and online help. Feedback can be inexpensive (depending on the course) and scales well. Online help will cost more. Training companies could price Cycos somewhere between cheap-but-useless online slideshows and expensive face-to-face classes, and still have a healthy profit margin.