Mastery learning

Most college courses have a fixed length. Fifteen weeks, or whatever. Students do their learning thing. At the end, they get a grade, and go on to the next course, or graduate. They move on, even if they barely passed. It doesn’t matter if they actually know what they’re doing, as long as they pass.

Mastery learning is different. It says that to get past the course, you have to demonstrate certain skills. Whether it takes you 10 weeks or 15 weeks doesn’t matter so much, as long as you can actually do the job.

CyberCourse (Cyco for short) supports both styles. When graders assess student work, they have a “Complete” checkbox:

Complete checkbox

If the student does the task well, the grader checks “Complete.” If not, the student has to try again.

Profs can use the completion system, or not. It’s up to them, and their institutions.

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