Cyco builds on the work of thousands of learning researchers, geeks (especially Drupalistas), colleagues, and others. Kieran didn’t invent any of the learning ideas behind Cyco. He just put them in software.

Some people who have helped, even though they may not know it.

  • Ann Mathieson. She told Kieran to “Do whatever feeds your soul.”
  • Teagan Mathieson. The Best Daughter Ever, and Cyco’s resident artist.
  • Cullyn Mathieson. He’s positive about life, even though his dad’s a curmudgeon.
  • Mark Isken. Kieran’s friend and colleague, who thinks that teaching matters. What a weirdo.
  • Dana Driscoll. An awesome teacher, researcher, artist, and raiser of chickens. Kieran wants to be like her when he grows up, except for the chickens.
  • John McEneaney. What a scholar of learning should be.
  • Oakland University staff and faculty who think that learning matters. Scott Crabill, Cindy Sifonis, Judy Ableser, Susan Awbrey, Barbara Oakley, academic advisors around campus, and others who support teaching and learning.
  • Students who are enthusiastic about their learning, and their future.