Business model for authors

Who writes CyberCourses? The same people who write textbooks, but with two differences:

  • CyberCourse authors learn about learning before they start writing. That’s what the CyberCourse wiki and community are for.
  • CyberCourse authors don’t need publishers. Everything is online. Authors who charge for access get all of the revenue. Not 15%. 100%

Authors can charge low prices and still make a good income. They can write for mass markets, or niche markets. Imagine:

  • A math CyberCourse for Detroit students, with Detroit examples, Detroit assignments, and Detroit personalities.
  • A business writing CyberCourse for engineers, with exactly the writing tasks they need.
  • A biology CyberCourse for one university in Florida, featuring species around campus.

CyberCourses can be self-sustaining. Authors can afford to spend time on their work, without needing support from a university, company, or government agency.

The bottom line: students get more value for their money and time.

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