Prof. Kieran Mathieson wrote CyberCourse (Cyco for short) for his courses at Oakland University. Cyco lets you create textbook-like things for intro skills courses, like programming, stats, and writing. Kieran’s courses are flipped, blended, and heavy on assessment and formative feedback.

Cyco is open source. Use it to write your own textbook-like things. Give them away, or sell them. Use Cyco as Kieran does, or in your own way. Whatever you like.

This site explains what Cybercourse is. If you want help using CyberCourse, try the Cyco wiki. That’s where Kieran documents Cyco, and summarizes interesting research.

The gist

Slideshow thumbnail What is CyberCourse?

Click-and-read slideshow, about 5 minutes.


Demons get scared, too

Demons get scared, too

A comic by Teagan Mathieson

Students won't learn

Students won’t learn!

A comic by Teagan Mathieson


The problem

University grads don’t have enough skills. They’re not being taught in the right way. We can do better.

The vision

(Deep movie trailer voice) Imagine a world where skills courses are designed well, built well, and run well.

The project

Making the vision come true.


You can try the Programming for Business People course. Read the notes for reviewers, and check out the blueprint, to see why the course is as it is.

The wiki has some walkthroughs, like: